As a method of investment analysis, the basic surface analysis plays an important role in the stock actual combat

With the development of science and technology and the development of science and technology, the human reason is in the same time, and the imbalance is also in the same time. Habermas inherited division of the three worlds of thought and creative application communication effectiveness of three principles, dig out the life world in communicative action paradigm contains a variety of rational, to communication practice activities for novel carrier, to achieve the unification of rational organic, practice, proposed the new dialectical view of rationality, communicative rationality. So successful against the after modernism of rational reject, save the modern rationality and Modernity of hope, also provides important enlightenment for our country modernization.

As a method of investment analysis, the basic surface analysis plays an important role in the stock actual combat. Through carries on the analysis to the fundamentals, so that investors can more clearly know and understand the economic situation of the country, the intrinsic value of the situation of the development of the industry and enterprises. Furthermore, it can reasonable judgment stock market value of the central and the value of the stock price and whether the deviation. This paper according to the fundamentals of the stock analysis application in actual combat do more specific research, and provide some valuable references for investors, to guide investors to make the right investment decisions.

University of Illinois is one of the nation’s top ten of the top schools (top ten), its library in the school plays a pivotal role. As it was said, if the staff is the blood of an institution of higher learning, the library is the heart of it. The size of the library of the University of Illinois now lives in the fourth in the United States, second only to the library of Congress, the library of Harvard University and Yale University Library. Illinois University Library is located in the center of the campus, the building is divided into two parts: the main library and University library. The main library consists of two four to four layers of buildings around a rectangular. The four side of its links with a ten layer stack (including